Date and Dash is absolutely not recommended

Lowell, Massachusetts 0 comments
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This date and dash dating company operated by a group from IL.I have been trying to get in touch with their personnel and also claimed dispute since a year.Also tried to get some compensation or complimentary option to cover their mishap.They have never offered any service or refund.

I felt it is not just that they could not organize something on time. They absolutely faked everything. It is not just the loss of money. They caused me inconvenience,made to travel.

I am very sure sooner or later they will go out of their fake business.They should not or will survive.

Date and Dash is a scam

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 0 comments
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Date and Dash has given me the worst customer service experience of my entire life.They have cancelled three events on me and refuse to give me my money back.

Two events were cancelled the day of the event, mere hours before they were supposed to start and the third time I was the only guy there and they cancelled again. I asked calmly for my money back, but all they will offer is to sign me up for another event.

Then they have the nerve to automatically sign me up for a $10 monthly service.Do not trust them.

Review about: Event Planning.

Date and Dash

San Diego, California 0 comments

Total scam.He will take your money, cancel the event, not inform anyone, so you will waste time and money driving to a cancelled event only to be told by bartender they no nothing about.

And this crook Vilius will refuse to give you a refund. He should be throw in jail!

Total scam. He will take your money, cancel the event, not inform anyone, so you will waste time and money driving to a cancelled event only to be told by bartender they no nothing about.

And this crook Vilius will refuse to give you a refund.He should be throw in jail!

Date and Dash is a scam

Houston, Texas 0 comments

Ten of us signed up for an event in Houston. After receiving a last minute venue change text/email, we arrived to find there was no event. Seventeen people sitting around feeling duped!

The event was originally scheduled for Signature Lounge and moved to Hotel Sorella. Upon arrival it was clear that no event had been scheduled - the staff had never heard of Date and Dash.

The only "dashing" done was this scammer running away with our money.

After reading other reviews it is clear this is a pattern for this company. Phone calls to their contact number go unanswered and we have had no response.

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Date and Dash - Date & Dash speed dating scam: richmond va

Henrico, Virginia 1 comment

there was a date and dash "speed dating" event posted on It was to be at Avalon restuarant in Richmond, VA on wed 5/12/2010, with the 1st twenty signups getting it free, usual charge for these events is $35. I and a friend both registered. Then, I started to get phone calls from a number that I didn't recognize #804.332-5090. They have never left a message. I called the number from my work phone and got a message "hi, this is joanna, from connections" ... I hung up, and googled connections. It is a speed dating sevice, however, I feel jerked around at this point. We have called Avalon restaurant, and they are not having a speed dating event. They were not happy about this situation either. I think this is a sort of "bait & switch" scam, where you sign up for one event, then they switch you to another and you have to pay and are charged more than you thought, etc. Don't fall into this trap!

This is the original link where i found the event:

This is the connections website:

Don't fall into this trap!



I have no idea what this person is talking about, but Connections Dating is not a speed dating service, and has been nothing but professional with me from Day 1.

I suspect you have your facts confused.

Date and Dash Scam and charge fraud!!!

Houston, Texas 11 comments
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I have signed up for a Date and Dash event in Alexandria, VA in Feb'10.Instead of the promised $35USD fee they fraudulently charged my card $115 USD.

There is no phone number to call and the address is registered under a PO Box in Chicago. The name of the owner is Villius Gavrilenka, who is a one man operation and a crook. When I came in to the event, I was the only person there with my friend, although the site claimed that there were only 2 places left. It's a marketing scam!!!!

I found some number linked to them online and any attempt to get a call back was unsuccessful!

Never sign up for anything associated with this "service" and look for respectful organizations putting theses events on.Date and Dash is a scam, money fraud and should be reported to the Attorney Generals office!!!

Review about: Dating Service.



To all event coordinators that "have not been paid" . We only pay for the services that you provide to us. So if you do not show up on time, or do not enter matches on time, (please read all the customer reviews above), please do not expect to be paid on time.

We have great event coordinators working our events and GETTING PAID everyday for it.

Now for the angry customers: Your opinion really matters to us. I am so sorry if your event was canceled. I will be more than glad to put your name on the list for another event of your choice. The reason our tickets are non-refundable is because when we book the space, we need to pay in advance, and if some people do not show up and the event gets canceled or rescheduled, we still have to pay the venue for the space. Even with some canceled events, we are still a great deal as far as it comes to dating services. Just think about it, 10+ dates on Tuesday night for $35.00!!!! There are no guarantees in dating as you know it very well, but I can guarantee you I am not a "crook or a scam artist" as some people and my ex-emolyees/competitors trying to make me look like. And that you will have fun at our events. Our success ratio is 90%!!!

I am just a simple guy that trying to do my best to make single people meet a potential partner at a reasonable price. All rescheduling and refund policies are disclosed on the website before you purchase your ticket. If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me...

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to these comments and to apologize to my daters.

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This fraudulent company is run by Vilius Gavrilenka who is a total scam artist and crook


I had the same experience as everyone else.Signed up for event.

Go there and the the bar manager has no idea about the event. The crook Villius Gavrilenka says it was canceled and refuses to give a refund. Luckly my bank denied the charges.

Thenm the fricking criminal *** bag Villius Gavrilenka tried to charge my card again but the bank changed the number so he couldn't.Why is this piece of *** Villius Gavrilenka not in jail????

Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, United States #210703

Total scam.I saw this too late as well.

On the night of the event, 5 of us showed up and the bar manager had no idea her bar was supposed to be used for this event. The very next day I recieved an email from date and dash saying the event coordinator was involved in a car crash and as a result, she was not able to host the event. No refunds were permitted, but the next scheduled event would be free of charge. This didn't sound right so I did an internet search and came across all the fraud and scam complaints about this company.

I contacted my bank and was able to place a block on date and dash in case they keep charging my card.I will be contacting the Lousiana Attorney General's office to see about pursuing some sort of criminal investigation.


Thank-You everyone for your comments and warnings!I just spoke with Villius Gavrilenka about an event staff position advertised on Craig's List, and I had my suspicions about him right away!

Grrrrr...I hate these 'freakin' scam artists that prey on innocent people on Craig's List!It seems to be happening all the time now so you never really know what's legit anymore on CL.


I also signed up for the date and dash speed dating in Houston, and did not get the event I was promised.I looked into their refund policy which reads..



Didnt expect them to do both in the same night.NEVER EVER use this company.


I saw this comment board too late - 10 of us signed up for an event in Houston. After receiving a last minute venue change text/email, we arrived to find there was no event. Seventeen people sitting around feeling duped!

The only "dashing" done was this scammer running away with our money.


I signed up for a service with them too.They never called or emailed me, I tried to contact them several times, both by phone and through online form.

Never got any response back. They took my money and failed to deliver services.

Then my bank couldn't dispute the charges either because the fees are supposedly non-refundable.They are criminals and frauds.


I had a very similar experience.Such a fraud.

How do we get him out of business so others aren't scammed.

To add insult to personal information was sold to a third party.


Date and Dash is a ripoff and Villius Gavrilenka is a crook. throw him in jail!!


his direct line is: 773.495.0088

i worked an event for this POS and have yet to be paid! hopefully this will help you get your money back!!

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